Tub Chair Cover Stretch Washable Fabric Grey White Black Feathers (Colour 18g)

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A stretch cover made from a polyester/spandex blend that will fit most sizes of club chairs or tub chairs. 

A tub chair cover that is in-keeping with the trend of nature and the environment. This cover is dark grey in colour and is decorated with large white and black feathers. A wonderful tub chair cover for more contemporary settings.

These covers are easy care and can be washed at low temperatures in a washing machine using a non-bleach powder. They can be hung naturally to dry or dried at very low heat in a tumble drier.

These are an affordable way to renew a tired and older looking tub chair. Alternatively, they are perfect to bring a new look to the room, whether it’s the bedroom, study, or living room. Stretch tub chair covers can help you change the look of your room on a seasonal basis without the expense of new furniture.

Always check the measurements of your chair to ensure these covers will fit.


Additional information

Weight0.65 kg
Dimensions10.0 × 8.0 × 5.0 cm

Colour 18g


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