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Religious paint by numbers kits

bringing the Christian faith to your art hobby


Our range of religious painting by numbers kits is ideal for people who want to have a Christian theme for their art project.

Our kits include paints of Jesus, Mary, the disciples, and other subjects related to the Christian faith.

These are ideal kits for local church arts and crafts groups to take on as an afternoon club or social meeting.

For experienced paint by numbers artists with blending skills these kits are a great way to decorate a church with religious art.


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Christian painting by numbers sets

spiritual and faith-based art projects

This collection of painting by numbers kits is ideal for people who want to introduce their faith into their hobby.

It's an ideal way to have a relevant paint-by-number art project to do during Christian periods such as Lent and Advent. What better way to spend the run up to Easter or Christmas concentrating on a painting of Jesus.

Each of our kits can take between 24 and 48 hours to complete. This makes them ideal to complete in the run-up to a Christian festival if you set aside an hour a day to work on your project.

Topics of our Christian paint by numbers kits include Jesus Christ, Mary, the disciples, and other Christian artifacts.

Our kits include paintings of both modern interpretations of faith and also include copies of the old masters and Christian iconology.

When you are looking at buying a paint by numbers kit that features Jesus Christ or other Christianity-based subjects then take a look at our collection for sale.