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military paint by numbers kits

Military Paint By Numbers

art projects with a military and battle theme


Our range of paint by numbers art projects featuring a military or war theme. From naval battles to air battles of World War 2 these projects are ideal for lovers of history and the military.

 All our adult kits come with a quality linen canvas, good quality acrylic paints, and brushes.

Prices depend on the design and the size of the canvas ordered.


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War scenes paint by numbers

art projects for lovers of navy, air force, and army themes

Our military paint by numbers projects is perfect for people who love to paint about the navy, army, and air force. Our topics include both battle scenes and military vehicles.

From the Royal Navy Swordfish biplanes taking on the might of the German pocket battleship the Bismarck through to aircraft, ships, and tanks our kits cover a wide range.

We are constantly looking for new military art kits as these are some of our most popular selling paint by numbers kits for adults.

We are also currently commissioning our own licensed artwork to introduce our own range of military paint by numbers.

Quality paint by numbers kits for adults

As these military and war scene paintings are aimed at adults we ensure that our kits come from suppliers who offer good quality linen canvas and good quality acrylic paints.

Each of our armed forces and services art kits takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete.

When care is taken in completing these paint by numbers kits they make a great painting to hang on the wall and decorate a room.