Age of Steam PBN

Age of steam paint by numbers

Age of Steam paint by numbers

art projects featuring steam locomotives

Our Age of Steam painting by numbers kits is a great art project for people who love history, steam engines, and nostalgia.

With various topics, these painting kits cover things like steam road rollers through to legendary locomotives such as The Flying Scotsman.

If you are a painting by numbers artist and enthusiast and looking for a modern engineering history project then our Age of Steam collection is one to look at.

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Steam locomotives art projects

paint your own picture of steam trains and engines


Our Age of Steam collection of painting by numbers box sets is a great choice as a gift for those who love art and history.

These kits feature vehicles from the age of steam including famous steam trains and locomotives. There are also over steam-powered transport such as the agricultural steam tractor engines.

As a painting by numbers kit aimed at adults these kits come with a good quality linen canvas and good quality paints.

With care, these paint-by-number kits provide excellent acrylic paintings to hang on the wall at home.

These are great art projects to buy for those who love nostalgia and days-gone-by.