Dining Chair Covers

washable dining chair covers

Dining Chair Covers

Stretch covers to bring a new look to your dining room


Our high-quality material gives a long-lasting and durable cover for your dining room chairs.

Bring a whole new look to your dining area by using affordable and replaceable covers. Keep a couple of designs in reserve for those themed parties too.

These can be bought individually so are also ideal for bedroom and kitchen chairs that need a make-over in home decor appearance.

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Trendy Dining Room and Kitchen

buy chairs covers and get affordable trendy designs for your rooms


Home decor changes with the seasons. It can start to get expensive to give your room a new look, especially if you have to start buying new furniture.

Our stretch chair covers are the affordable way to trendy home design. Get your dining room or kitchen looking new and with the latest fashion trends at a fraction of the cost of buying new chairs.

They take just seconds to fit to each chair and are easy to clean and care for. They are so affordable you could easily change the look of your dining room or kitchen on a seasonal basis.


Easy care dining chair covers

These chair coverslips are made from a polyester/spandex blend. The 10% spandex means these covers have great elasticity and can fit a wide range of chairs - but always check the measurements given on each design page to ensure they fit your chair.

They are easy to care for and simply slip off the chair to be washed in any normal washing machine. Use a non-bleach powder and wash on a low temperature - either 30 or 40 degrees.

They can then be hung to dry naturally or dried in a tumble drier at very low heat setting. No need to iron as the wrinkles will fall out once the cover is put back on the chair.

It's a great way to keep your dining and kitchen chairs looking clean and hygienic.

Affordable recovering of old chairs

Getting old chairs recovered or reupholstered can be expensive. Provided your chairs are still intact and comfortable to sit on our cover can give a new lease of life. Cover up old stains and tears with a bright new cover that is easy to wash and care for. They can help change the look and atmosphere of a room.

No need to recover chairs or buy new chairs when you redecorate your kitchen or dining room, simply slip on a new cover to complete you interior decorating.