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For a wide range of quality fishing tackle browse through our web site. We aim to offer some if the best quality un-branded supplies for the angler.

Each supplier has been carefully checked for consistently providing high quality with quick dispatch times.

When you need low prices but quality gear you’ve come to the right store!

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Both time and money is precious. Whether we are leisure anglers or competition angling we want to buy value for money fishing tackle that gives a reliable and enjoyable experience.

Carbon fibre rods

Featured Product: Carbon fibre telescopic rods

We are constantly looking for new suppliers in China of premium quality gear. We then order and check delivery and fulfilment times. Once we have verified both the quality of product and service we then offer you some fantastic deals on premium quality fishing tackle.

Our aim is to specialise in bringing your near brand name quality fishing gear within budget prices. By working with manufacturers directly we can give you near trade prices on some of the best fishing tackle currently available.  By choosing companies with a high attention to detail and the technical set up to produce reliable tackle such as rods and reels we can offer excellent value. Many of the suppliers we deal with are also manufacturers for the big names in fishing. Not many brand names now produce their own products, much is now out-sourced to China.

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When you browse through our online store for fishing gear you'll notice how favourable and competitive our prices are. Each of our prices is checked daily for the latest manufacturer discounts and they are passed directly on to you.

As we only deal with manufacturers that make high quality angling supplies it means you can get some of the best deals available.

When is the fishing season in England and Wales?

It's not completely straightforward and you need a little local knowledge.

But generally the fishing season starts 16th June until 14th March on all rivers for coarse fishing. This also applies to some canals and still waters. Most canals and lakes, reservoirs etc do not have a closed season but you need to check beforehand.

There is no season for sea fishing, this can take place year round.

Do you need a fishing license for sea fishing?

You do not need a license for sea fishing on the shoreline. You also do not need a license if fishing in the tidal stretches of a river and are using tackle and bait for sea fish species.

A Beginners Guide to Fishing Tackle

There's no better sport than fishing. Days out in the wild on the hunt for those big fish. It's the biggest participation sport around and there's no sign in it dropping in popularity. Quite the opposite. With TV programmes such as Monster Carp bringing in a new generation of sport anglers.