Art Supplies

art supplies

Art Supplies

essential items for artists


From brushes to storage and easels, our art supplies shop aims to provide a wide range of items for artists.

Our selection is geared towards helping our paint by numbers customers to expand their equipment collection and to help improve their art paintings.

But many of the items listed here for sale are perfectly suitable for general art needs and use.


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Art Supplies

affordable art equipment and supplies

At China Savings we know that art supplies can be expensive. This is why we try and source good quality items at affordable prices.

We try and avoid the cheaper items as that does not help you with your art and hobby. We work with a small range of factories to provide you with art supplies direct prices.

From art brushes through to easels and storage draws, you can find a growing range of supplies to buy online in the UK.

Art supplies for beginners

Many of our art supplies customers come from our paint by number customers. They are looking at buying the accessories they need to help them in their hobby. As such a lot of the items we sell are perfect for beginners as well as more experienced artists.

All our items come with free shipping and as long as total order value is under £135 there is nothing more to pay as our prices include all taxes and fees.

Art materials for sale

We can offer a growing range of art materials, tools and equipment to help make your art easier and more enjoyable.

With our constant search for new products and value for money suppliers there are new items being added to our art supply store on a regular basis.

Ensuring we offer great deals is important to us as we thrive and grow on repeat business and referrals.