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It's now even more convenient and easier to buy direct from China. Changes to VAT regulations mean that there are no more nasty extra charges when buying from overseas. The responsibility of paying VAT on items coming into the UK has passed from buyer to seller. This means no more Import VAT demands, no more courier admin fees, no more surcharges. The price you see on China Savings is the price you pay. We now take on the responsibility of paying VAT on items you purchase from China.

We work with a limited range of manufacturers and agents in China to get you the best value products we can find. There are cheaper products available but we have a high priority on quality and well as cost. As such we work a lot with established companies that manufacture items for leading brands in the West. We provide these items as unbranded or with the Asian market brands.

At the top of our list is value for money. We keep away from ultra-cheap suppliers who have no history in the provision of products. We test each of our suppliers against;

  • Quality
    We ensure that all products have passed relevant legislation for safety. An important thing we look at is whether the manufacturer already supplies a western brand name with items.
  • Cost
    It costs money to make things and to produce good quality items costs more than cheap items. We understand the need to make a profit to pay staff adequately and keep the environment clean. When we look at the cost of something we take in the bigger picture and are happy to pay more for the right reasons.
  • Reliability
    With all our suppliers we check their fulfillment and delivery times to ensure you get your items in a reasonable amount of time. It's always tricky with international deliveries as a number of things can happen to hold up parcels.
  • History
    We check how long the manufacturer or supplier has been in business. We also check out any reports available on the business registration number. As such when you buy through China Savings you are buying from established and well-resourced suppliers.

We then come to a decision on whether to sell items. This means you can be confident that a purchase from China Savings will be a great value for money choice.